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Master Gardeners are required to fulfill ten hours of continuing education, once called advanced training, each calendar year. Continuing Education programs for that purpose are conducted by the various county programs and by the Extension. Beyond the formally offered Master Gardener Continuing Education programs, Master Gardeners may apply for continuing education hour recognition for horticultural classes, seminars, garden tours, book reports, etc., offered outside the Master Gardener program. See below:
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Credit for Programs and Activities Not Sponsored by Master Gardener Programs
Future Continuing Education Programs
    Cuyahoga County Programs
    Other Sponsor Programs
Online Courses for Continuing Education Credit
Continuing Education Archives
    Cuyahoga County Programs - 2007-2021
    Other Sponsor Programs - 2008-2020

Pictures from Continuing Education Programs - link to new page
Green City Growers - 2015
Junk Gardening Workshop - 2012
Brunty Farm - 2011
Daybreak Lavender Farm - 2010
Lake View Cemetery - 2009

Master Gardeners may earn continuing education credit for activities conducted independently of the Master Gardener Program. Beyond the formally offered Master Gardener Continuing Education programs, Master Gardeners may apply for continuing education hour credit for classes, seminars, garden tours, book reports, etc., offered outside the Master Gardener program. For forms for applying for CE credit for non-MG programs, go to the Forms page . Click here for Instructions for Educational Credits.

Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Programs

Online registration is now available for most MGCC Continuing Education programs. Online registrations are applied immediately against the number of available reservations. Mail registration submissions are subject to Postal Service and processing lags, increasing the chances of being closed out. If sending check or Bonus Bucks, complete the registration form and mail it. Submit mail registrations early for programs with attendance limits to prevent being closed out.

Free program registrations are by email only. Free program registrations will no longer have mail-in registration blanks.

These programs are only for Master Gardeners and their guests, unless limited to Master Gardeners due to capacity limitations.

Click green text for flyer or map. Click on "Register" to register for the program online.

Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County are once again able to hold face-to-face meetings with the public.  However, there may continue to be some Covid-related limitations on events, particularly indoor ones.  Our program notices will reflect any social distancing, masking, or other requirements in effect at the time.  You can also check back here for updates.

Program Title
            Click "Zoom Webinar" for Set-up Instructions to use Zoom free
June 10 Sat. 9:00 - noon Saturday bonus volunteer day at Ben Franklin School Gardens   Ben Franklin School Gardens, 1905 Spring Rd., (Old Brooklyn)
      10:00 - noon  
  20 Tues. tba Brian Thompson Tour
July 7 Fri. tba Shaper Tour & Potluck Lunch
  8 Sat. 9:00-noon Saturday bonus volunteer day at Ben Franklin School Gardens   Ben Franklin School Gardens, 1905 Spring Rd., (Old Brooklyn)
  27 Thurs. tba Day at Stan Hywet with lunch
August 12 Sat. 9:00-noon Saturday bonus volunteer day at Ben Franklin School Gardens   Ben Franklin School Gardens, 1905 Spring Rd., (Old Brooklyn)
  26 Sat. tba Spice Garden Farm Visit/Tour with cooking demo & tasting
  tba     Ben Franklin Diagostic Walk
September 9 Sat. 9:00-noon Saturday bonus volunteer day at Ben Franklin School Gardens   Ben Franklin School Gardens, 1905 Spring Rd., (Old Brooklyn)
  tba   tba Green Circle Growers
October 14 Sat. 9:00-noon Saturday bonus volunteer day at Ben Franklin School Gardens   Ben Franklin School Gardens, 1905 Spring Rd., (Old Brooklyn)

Other Sponsor Continuing Education Programs - These programs may be open to the public

Because of rapidly changing circumstances in these highly volatile and uncertain times, planned events are subject to cancellation, postponement or rescheduling.  Please check frequently for the status of planned events.  These pages will try to timely reflect the latest notices of official status, but specific sponsor/event websites should be checked for events with sponsors other than Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County.

Program Title
        Click "Zoom Webinar" for Set-up Instructions to use Zoom free
June 7 Wed. 4:00 - 5:00 It's Complicated: Plant and Insect Interactions - Register
Ohio MG Zoom Webinar
  10 Sat. 10:00 - noon Propagating Purple Lavender
Geauga MG Geauga County Extension Office / Patterson Center / 14269 Claridon-Troy Road, Burton
  24 Sat. 9:00 - 4:00 Gardens of Distinction 2023   Summit MG Check-in at St. Paul's Episcopal Church Parking Lot, 1361 W. Market Street / Akron, OH 44313
  28 Wed. 7:00 Researching and Preserving Garden Plants and Landscapes   Summit MG FA Seiberling Nat. Realm, Visitor
Ctr. 1828 Smith Rd., Akron
July 26 Wed. 7:00 Growing Peonies   Summit MG FA Seiberling Nat. Realm, Visitor
Ctr. 1828 Smith Rd., Akron


These online courses are approved for Master Gardener continuing education credit upon submission of a completion certificate:

MGV Training Resources - onLine
These Continuing Education recordings were prepared for the Ask a Master Gardener online diagnosticians and are made available exclusively for Ohio Active Master Gardener Volunteers.  This is a privilege just for MGs, and we ask that you do not share it or distribute it in any way.  Each MGV has access to this information from the Volunteer Management System (VMS) on the homepage in the State Links menu under "MGV Training Resources - onLine."

OSU Department of Entomology Bee Lab Webinars
The OSU Department of Entomology’s Bee Lab has scheduled webinars and a file of recorded past webinars available for viewing.  Master Gardeners may earn Continuing Education credit, usually 1.0 CE credit, for submitting reports on them.  Join the OSU Entomology mailing list for reminders of upcoming new webinars and log-in instructions.

Introduction to Diagnostics for Master Gardener Volunteers
“Introduction to Diagnostics” was created specifically for Master Gardener Volunteers, to help in understanding the steps involved in plant pest diagnosis. Consisting of narrated PowerPoint presentations, handouts, factsheets and other resources, “Introduction to Diagnostics” will help new and experienced volunteers gain confidence in the diagnostic process. Access this online course at your convenience anywhere you have internet access. Upon completion, participants will earn a certificate for 3.0 hours of Continuing Education credits. Take a look at eXtension offerings:
To Enroll:
Visit the eXtension website ( and set up an account using the "Create an account" link on the left side of the page. It’s free, easy and secure. Once you have that account created (you will receive an e-mail with confirmation and a password), log into the eXtension site, scroll through the available course categories and select Master Gardener. Then select “Introduction to Diagnostics,” and pay for the course ($10). Once payment is complete, you can view the course website and get started. Participants will have access to the course for 10 weeks after payment.

Webinar: Growing Healthy Shade Trees with IPM
Selecting, managing and caring for trees, especially maple, oak and honey locust in home landscapes was the focus of this 90 minute webinar from February 20, 2013. Designed for Extension Master Gardeners in the North Central States (which includes Ohio), planting, fertilizer, water and preventing abiotic problems were covered by Jeff Gillman, associate professor, University of Minnesota. Michelle Grabowski, plant pathologist from the University of Minnesota discussed diseases and insect pests were covered by David J. Shetlar, (the BugDoc), Professor of Urban Landscape Entomology, The Ohio State University. Please view the webinar and submit a brief report on its content. See the Forms page on our website for a report form.
The 1.5 CE credit webinar consists of four linked segments.
*Welcome and Introduction (recording): 
Mary Meyer :
*Planting and Care of Shade Trees (recording): 
Jeff Gillman:
*Managing Shade Tree Insects with IPM (recording): 
David Shetlar:
*Managing Shade Tree Diseases with IPM (recording): 
Michelle Grabowski: 

Webinar - OSU Department of Entomology: Assessing the Emergence of Lyme Disease
This free webinar is worth 1.0 CE hour. Please view the webinar and submit a brief report on its content. See the Forms page on our website for a report form. For the webinar, visit:

Fruit Diseases of the Midwest
Mike Ellis in the Department of Plant Pathology has introduced a new online course on fruit diseases. This is an outstanding opportunity for MG volunteers to obtain 10.0 Continuing Education credits! Learn about important fruit diseases and their management strategies. Fruit covered: apples, stone fruits, brambles, strawberries, and grapes. The course is self-paced and completely online so you complete it on your own time, from anywhere! Requirements include watching short lecture videos and completing self-tests (no grade for the class). This non-credit course must be completed within 10 weeks from starting it. Certificate awarded upon successful completion. Register at and submit your payment of $50.00. Course enrollment information will be sent on receipt of payment.

USDA - Food Safety Information Basics for Handling Food Safely
Reading this USDA fact sheet fulfills an MG requirement for food handling. When coordinating carry-in, covered dish, and/or pot-luck dinners, it is recommended that event leaders communicate (i.e., provide fact sheet) food preparation safety guidelines to the individual food provider(s).
Fact Sheet - Basics for Handling Food Safely. When you have finished reading the entire fact sheet, you may count this as one (1) CE. When entering it on the VMS, use "Food Safety Guidelines" as the title.

It is so important for all of us who bring food to any of our events to read this information. State MGV Coordinator Pam Bennett says it is mandatory, and has indicated that reading this Fact Sheet can replace having to attend a session on Food Safety.

Sick Plants and a Hungry World
Targeted to Master Gardeners and others interested in learning about stories of plant disease from a world and historical perspective.  Modules cover topics such as the Disease Triangle, Irish potato famine, and bioterrorism through reading assignments and self-tests.   The course is available for ten weeks from the time participants register for the course.  It is a non-credit OSU course and no grade is given; but successful completion counts for 10.0 hours of Master Gardener continuing education credit. The modules are self-paced and participants need not complete all the modules at once. A certificate of completion from the Office of Continuing Education is awarded upon completion. Link to course information

First Detector Training
The National Plant Diagnostic Network promotes the early detection of high risk, exotic and emerging plant pests through enhanced diagnostics, education and response exercise scenarios. The NPDN was established in 2002 as a collective partnership between Land Grant University plant disease and pest diagnostic facilities across the US. First Detector Training promotes awareness and early detection of exotic pests in the field. First detectors include County Agents, Crop Advisors, Growers, and Master Gardeners. Online training consists of six approximately 30-minute modules, for 3 hours of continuing education credit. The modules are self-paced and participants need not complete all the modules at once. Upon successful completion of the training, First Detectors receive a certificate of training completion. NPDN First Detectors Training Site. Once on the site, create a new account to log in if you do not yet have an account, and take and complete the six Crop Biodiversity Course modules and quizes. After you are a certified First Detector, edit your profile on the MGV Management System to indicate an interest as a certified First Detector.

Pest Education Management Speaker Webinars

Title Presenter Link
Controlling Insect Pests on Woody Ornamentals: It’s Getting Easier to be Green Potter
Urban Invasives - Identification and Control Smith
Turf Weed Control Update Gardner
Bees and Pesticides – Challenges & Opportunities for the Industry Potter
Weed Control in Ornamental Beds Gardner
Phosphorus Watters
Understanding the Nitrogen Enigma Lentz
CEC Soil Samples LaBarge
Tree Fruit Disease Management Ivey
Ornamentals Disease Management Update Hand
Managing Insects & Mites Shetlar
Weed Control in Fruit & Vegetable Crops Doohan
Insect Trends from 2016: Western Bean Cutworm and Stink Bugs Tilmon

Horticulture Magazine Webinars
Horticulture Magazine (no endorsement of the Magazine or the content or providers of its webinars or its sponsors is intended) makes free live webinars available through its website: Preregistration is required. Each webinar is about one hour for 1.0 CE credit. After the webinar, you will be emailed a confirmation of your attendance--please mail or forward the email to ANR Educator Maggie Rivera at or at MGCC, 12200 Fairhill Road, E Building, Cleveland, OH 44120. The website link also leads free recordings of prior webinars which are available for viewing at any time. CE Credit is also available for viewing those recorded webinars if you complete and submit to Maggie Rivera the Continuing Education form for non-MG-approved programs.

Past Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Programs
2020 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Calendar
2019 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Calendar
2018 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Calendar
2017 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Calendar
2016 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Calendar
2015 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Calendar

2014 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Calendar
2012 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Flyer
2011 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Flyer
2010 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Flyer 
2009 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Flyer
2008 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Flyer
2007 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Flyer
2006 Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education Flyer

Program Title
January 9 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Seed Starting
  23 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Color Through the Seasons
  28 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Keeping our Great Lakes Great
February 13 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Phenology:  Nature’s Calendar
  27 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Waking the Garden in the Spring
March 13 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Gardening for Pollinators
  27 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Vegetable Series:  Vegetable Gardening 101
April 9 Woody Natives - Making Quick and Confident Choices
  10 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Vegetable Series:  Tomatoes
  24 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Vegetable Series: Container Vegetable Gardening
May 8 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Vegetable Series: Heirloom Vegetables and Flowers
  22 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Herbs
June 26 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Vegetable Series:  Managing Pests in the Vegetable Garden without Chemicals
July 17 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Harvesting and Safety
  18 Lily Creek Farms visit with Cynthia Druckenbrod
  21 Plants and Pollinators at Mentor Marsh
August 5 Diagnostic Walk at Ben Franklin with Maggie Rivera & Jacqueline Kowalski
  9 A Day at Miller Nature Preserve
  28 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Vines
September 25 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Putting the Garden to Bed
October 23 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Succulents
November 20 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Raised Garden Beds
January 24 Critical Issues: Northeast Ohio Water Quality
February 10 Hotline Class
March 10 Breakfast Gardening Series 2020:
"Wildflowers - Where it all Began!" and "Growing Melons for the Very Taste of Summer"
  16 Managing Groundhogs in the Garden
  18 Vegetable Gardening 101
May 9 Vegetable Gardening 101: All You Need to Know
  16 Vegetable Container Gardening
June 13 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Container Gardening for Perennials and Annuals
  27 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - How to Keep the Uninvited at Bay: The Problem With Wildlife in Our Gardens
July 11 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Native Perennials
  25 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Cool Weather Crops/Harvesting
August 8 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Soil Health/Soil Testing
  22 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Forcing Bulbs
September 12 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Putting the Garden to Bed
  26 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Going Underground with Bulbs, Rhizomes, Corms, and Tubers
October 10 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Overwintering Your Patio Plants
  24 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - Pruning Shrubs
November 14 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - African Violets and Other Houseplants
  21 Saturday Gatherings in the Garden - What Do I Do with my Holiday Plants After the Holidays?
January 18 Cleveland Urban Greening Effects Therapeutic Horticulture Ohio Native Plants
March 5 2019 Breakfast Gardening Series: "When the Garden Takes Flight: Pollinators in the Garden"
April 2 2019 Breakfast Gardening Series: "Vacant Lot Becomes Canvas for Plant Dyes" and "Rain Gardens"
  30 2019 Breakfast Gardening Series: "The Modern Perennial Cut Garden" and "Pruning 101 for Trees and Shrubs"
June 15 Trip to Rust Belt Riders:  Food Recycling Service
  26 Discover the Gardens, Fields, Pastures and Plots of Hale Farm & Village
July 10 Harvesting, Freezing and Drying Vegetables
September 29 & 30 Conifer/Japanese Maples Garden Tour
October 8 The Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve (formerly Dike 14)
  19 Judging at Flower Shows
November 2 Fall Seminar
January 9 Ornamental Vines, Creative Container Gardening and Ground Covers
March 6, 4/10, 5/8 Breakfast Gardening Series - "What’s New in the World of Plants" and "Healthy Soil: What Is It and How to Get It"
  14 Critical Issues: Pest Control, Invasive Plants and Gardening with Different Language and Cultural Groups
April 11 & 12 Tour of Casa Verde Growers
  21 From Garden to Table
May 23 Willot Iris Garden and tour of Rockefeller Gardens
July 25 An Evening of Inspiration and Relaxation
September 14 Foraging at the Farm
October 11 Tree Pathology, with Jim Chatfield
January 12 Vegetable Gardening - All You Need to Know and Understanding Soil Test Results
February 16 GMOS, Phenology and Technology for Master Gardeners
March 22 Gardening Questions? Ask us! How to Become a Diagnostic Expert
April 4 Breakfast Gardening Series - Blueberries / Herbs
  10 Successful Vegetable Gardening - “Weeding as Therapy”
  22 Vegetable Gardening Symposium: From Garden to Table
May 9 Breakfast Gardening Series - Microgreens / Container Vegetable Gardening
  10 Lake View Cemetery Horticultural Tour
June 13 Breakfast Gardening Series - Tomatoes / When and How Do I Harvest Vegetables?
  20 Rooftop Gardening and Gardening in a Small Space
August 17 Perennials and Vegetables
  31 Canning the Harvest
November 4 2018 Fall Seminar
January 25 Facilitating Successful Meetings
February 26 Critical Issues for Master Gardeners Series – Climate, Water, Soil
March 22 Water Garden Plants and Plants for Wet Soil
April 16 Vegetable Symposium: From Garden to Table
May 18 Rhododendrons
June 22 Rooftop Garden Design and Growing Vegetables in Pots
  25 & 26 Bus Trip: "Gardens Matter" - Zoar Garden Event, the Wilds, and Schnormeier Gardens
July 21 Plant ID
August 24 Zoo Tour
January 30 Critical Issues for Master Gardeners - Fact or Fiction
February 27 Yes! You Can Grow Orchids in Your House
March 20 Pruning at Progressive
April 18 Annual Vegetable Symposium: From Garden to Table
  28 Fruit Trees:  Pests and Diseases - Canceled
May 13 OARDC/Secrest Arboretum Trip
June 4 Installing Drip Irrigation in Your Garden Demo
  25 Garden Art and Diagnostic Walk
July 28 First Detector
September 9 Ornamental Trees in the Home Landscape: Selection, Planting and Care - click here for Tree Resources Handout
October 7 A Trip to Green City Growers
  8 Planting a Winter Vegetable Garden
November 21 Master Gardener Workshop
February 18 Tree Bark Identification
March 4 Gardening Blogs and Apps
April 4 Espalier!
  26 From Garden to Table - Vegetable Symposium
May 3 Bluestone Perennials - Tour and Propagation Talk
  13 CWRU Farms Tour
June 10 Structures in the Garden
July 17 About Rain Gardens
August 20 Garlic Farm Tour and Lunch
September 8 Forest Gardening
  19 Fibonacci Numbers and Nature
October 15 Saving Native Plant Seeds - Cancelled
  25 Volunteer Appreciation Event
November 1 2014 Fall Seminar: Gardening Through the Seasons
January 30 PowerPoint Training & Primer for the MGV Management System
February 9 Diversity Training for Garden Mentors and Other Volunteers
March 14 Grafting and Tissue Culture Propagation Techniques


Facilitating Successful Meetings
  20 Spring Garden Symposium - From Garden to Table
  27 Plants/Insects Species and Their Effect on the Landscape
May 14 INVASIVES: "Right Plant, Right Place" in the Urban Ecosystem
June 11 Irrigation System and Composting Demonstrations
  24 Urban Farm Bus Tours
August 13 Permaculture Garden Tour
  22 Diagnostic Workshop for Master Gardener Volunteers
September 10 A Lesson in Beekeeping - Cancelled
October 4 - 5 2013 Master Gardener State Conference
November 16 It's Holiday Time!
January 31 Ornamental Trees in the Landscape
March 7 Petitti: Behind the Scenes
  20 All About Seeds
April 10 A Lesson in Grafting - Postponed
  21 Spring Vegetable Symposium: From Garden to Table
  28 A Horticulture Tour of Lake View Cemetery
May 17 Combating Invasive Plants - Click here for Handout
  19 A Morning in the Orchard
June 9 A Talk on Native and Invasive Plants by Garrett Ormiston - Canceled
  19 “Sustainability – Cleveland,” followed by a Tour of the Willot Iris Garden
  21 Trash Gardening Workshop
July 24 Urban Agriculture Tour: Rust Belt Becomes Green Belt
August 11 Integrated Pest Management and Update on Organic Pesticide Products
October 6 Fall Seminar - "Gardening Through the Seasons"
  16 You Asked For It

Past Other Sponsor Continuing Education Programs

Program Title
January 11 Design & Beyond: A Garden Symposium Summit MG
February 22 Your Yard in Living Color Medina MG
  29 The Saturday Gardening Series Summit MG
March 4 Ohio Woodland, Water, and Wildlife Conference OH Woodland Stewards,CFAES
  7 The Saturday Gardening Series Summit MG
  7 2020 Home Gardeners Workshop Lake MG
January 19 Design & Beyond 2019 Summit MG
February 23 "Gardening at Your Doorstep" - Simplifying Your Garden Medina MG
March 6 2019 Ohio Woodland Water and Wildlife Conference OSUE - Ohio Woodland Stewards
  9 2019 Home Gardeners' Workshop: "The More You Know, the More You'll Grow" Lake MG
  16 Landscape Design Workshop Huron MG
  27 2019 Spring Gardening Workshop Mahoning MG
May 7 Tree Communication and Natural Defenses OSUE - Mahoning
  14 Hydrangea School Lorain MG
  23 How Plants Mate OSUE
  30 NE Ohio Pond School PLUS! OSUE - Medina
June 17 - 21 2019 International Master Gardener Conference - "Penn’s Woods: Digging into our Roots"  
July 18 Diagnostic Workshop OSUE
September 26 Seed Collection and Propagation OSUE
November 14 Pesticide Treatment Workshop: Protecting Hemlock Trees from Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) and Elongate Hemlock Scale (EHS) The Nature Conservancy
December 6 Plants from All Over OSUE
March 7 2018 Ohio Woodland, Water & Wildlife Conference OSU School of Environment & Nat.Resources
  10 2018 Home Gardeners' "Come Grow With Us" Lake MG
June 26 Hydrangea School OSU Extension - Cuyahoga
July 7, 8 Intro to Macro Photography; Field Sessions and Critiques OARDC
September 22 Botanica 2018 Stark MG
11/27 & 12/11 Pollinator Short Course and Ohio Pollinator Advocate Training OSU Bee Lab
January 15 21st P.L.A.N.T. Seminar Perennial Plant Assn. & OSUE MGs
February 25 Garden Dreams & Design Schemes - 2017 Spring Seminar Medina MG
March 4 & 11 Saturday Gardening Series Summit MG
April 1 Erie County MG Spring Seminar Erie MG
  3 2nd Annual Hydrangea School Medina MG
May 3 Spring Garden Talk: “Totally Terrific Tomatoes” Summit MG
November 29 Gardening for Pollinators OSUE - Clark
January 23 Design & Beyond 2016 Summit MG
February 18 Creating Pollinator Habitat Workshop OSU CFAES
  20 Winter Seminar 2016: "Create an Inviting Garden" Men's Garden Club of Youngstown
  27 Nature's Neighbors - Managing Wildlife on the Home Front OSUE - Clark
March 3 Central Ohio Perennial School OSUE - Clark
  12 2016 Home Gardener's Workshop: "Nurturing Nature Through Gardening" Lake MG
  13 Native Plants - Adventures in the Garden Twinsburg Parks & Recreation and Twinsburg Garden Club
  19 A Walk Through the Garden - Starting a long time ago in a Prairie far away Knox MG
April 2 The Four Seasons of Gardening: Backyards Matter Licking MG
    Don’t Let the Weeds Get You Down Lake MG
  9 Spring into Gardening OSUE - Putnam
  21 Hydrangea School OSUE - Medina
May 5-6 Secrest Arboretum: Master Gardener Days OARDC
  7 Trees: Ornamental and Edible Lake MG
July 14, 15, 28 Diagnostic Workshop OSUE; Mahoning, Licking, Seneca MGs
September 9 83rd Ohio Plant Diagnostic Workshop OSUE, Secrest Arb., Davey Tree Exp. Co.
  16 & 17 2016 State Master Gardener Volunteer Conference: Cultivating Passion OSU MG; Summit MG
  27 Gathering of Plantsmen OSU and others
October 1 Botanica2016 Stark MG
    Beautiful Blooming Bulbs & Branches Lake MG
February 20-28 Ecuador 2015 Tandana Fdn., OSU MGs
  21 Annual Winter Seminar:
Heritage Gardening for the 21st Century
Men's Garden Club of Youngstown
  24 Parliamentary Procedure in Action Toastmasters
March 7 2015 Home Gardener's Workshop - "From the Ground Up" Lake MG
  31 Book Talk: “Teeth of the Lion: The Story of the Beloved and Despised Dandelion”  Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conserv. District
April 4 Gardens Under Cover (Mulching) Lake MG
May 27 MG Diagnostic Workshop OSUE and Lake MG
June 6 It's a Small, Small World Lake MG
  11 Peter J. Hatch - “Thomas Jefferson, Gardener” and “Monticello’s Revolutionary Garden” Montgomery MG
  29, 30 Environmental Studies School Series VI
Course I
National Garden Clubs, Garden Club of Ohio
July 10 MGV Diagnostic Workshops  2015 OSUE and Medina MG
  11 Beautiful Backyard Bouquets Lake MG
August 6 & 7 Garden and Insect Photography OSUE, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens
  28 & 29 2015 Ohio Master Gardener State Conference OSUE/Lucas MG
September 9 Hydrangea School OSUE
  12 Tips on Sharing Your Bounty Lake MG
  20 Earthworms: The Big Picture Summit MG
  26 Growing Success from the Ground Up - part 2 Unlocking the secrets in the soil Cuy. Soil & Water Dist., USDA, OSUE, OFB
October 3 Don't Let Pests Get the Better of You Lake MG
  10 2015 Cleveland Pollinator Symposium CWRU and Bikes, Bees & Butterflies
  15-18 Fundamentals of Horticultural Therapy Horticultural Therapy Institute
November 7 Extending Your Gardening Year Lake MG
  11 Food Waste - A Northeast Ohio Conversation Food Waste for Farms & North Central SARE
  19-21 Environmental Studies School Series VI, Course 2 National Garden Clubs, Inc., Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.
December 7-10 OTF Conference and Show & OSU Green Industry Short Course Ohio Turfgrass Foundation & OSUE
January 8 Cleveland High Tunnel Production and Use Workshop OSUE, USDA, et al.
  12 18th Annual PLANT Seminar Perennial Plant Assn. & OSUE MGs
February 1 Cleveland High Tunnel Production and Use Workshop OSUE, USDA, et al.
    Gardening for Romance: Garden Themes for Valentine's Day Medina MG
  15 Beech Creek Garden Symposium Beech Creek Garden & Nature Preserve
March 8 Garden Buzz! Annual Home Gardening Workshop Lake MG
April 5 Square Foot Gardening Lake MG
  24 Beyond Beauty: Invasive Ornamentals OSUE - Summit
  10 Fairy Gardens Lake MG
May 29 Go Native! OSUE - Summit
June 7 Soleful Gardens - Calling All Children Lake MG
  26 Gardening for Wildlife OSUE - Summit
July 5 What's Going On in Your Garden? Lake MG
  24 Check Out the Buzzzz! OSUE - Summit
  26 Summer Bus Trip -- Malabar Farm State Park Huron MG
August 7 Go Native, Bee Friendly OSUE and City of Twinsburg
  28 Monarch Mayhem OSUE - Summit
  11 & 12 Garden & Insect Photography OSUE - Summit
October 4 Prepping Your Plot Lake MG
    Botanica 2014 - Ideas and Inspiration Summit MG
November 1 Choosing Your Christmas Tree and Decorating with Greens Lake MG
December 9 - 11 The 87th OSU Green Industry Short Course OSU, Ohio Turf Foundation, et al.
January 13 17th Annual P.L.A.N.T. Seminar Perennial Plant Assn & OSUE MGs
  19 Design & Beyond 2013 Summit MG
  31 NEWtrition in Our Schools Cleve. - Cuy. County Food Policy Coalition & St. Vincent Char. Hlth. Ctr.
February 8 High Tunnel Basics Workshop OSUE/OARDC/NRCS
  8-16 Ecuador Trip The Tandana Foundation
  16 Beech Creek Garden Symposium Beech Creek Gardens
    Janet Mackunovich Lectures The Design Network
  19 Building Independence Through Agriculture for People with Developmental Disabilities Ohio AgrAbility
  23 Youth Gardening Symposium OSUE - Cuyahoga
    Maple 101 OSUE - Geauga; Geauga Park District
  28 Turning Trash to Treasures - Soil and Compost Basics Logan MG
March 7 Pesky Plants Summit MG
    14th Annual Central Ohio Perennial School Clark MG
  9 Home Gardeners Workshop Lake MG
  14 & 15 The Power of Pollinators Short Course: Bioloby, Identification and Conservation of Native Bees OSU Entomology Dept.
  20 Bee Lab Webinar: Barb Bloetscher, Protecting honey bees from pesticides OSU Bee Lab
  23 Gardening 101! Geauga MG
    Four Seasons of Gardening Licking MG
  30 Intro to Invasive Plants & Pests OSUE
April 11 The Sustainable Garden Summit MG
  13 Make Your Own Garden Art and Take it Home Geauga MG
  17 Ohio's Non-Native Invasives OSU - Mansfield Campus
  18 Tree School 2013 OSU - Mansfield Campus
June 1 Plant Identification with a View to Bio-Remediation OSU Extension - Henry Cty.
  13 In the Garden with Ron Wilson Delaware MG
August 3 Garden Jub!lee Clark MG
  17 & 24 Garden & Insect Photography Summit MG
October 7 - 8 From Seed to Sale The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers
  9 ArborEatUm Edible Landscape Workshop OSUE, OARDC
January 21 Seed Starting OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
  22 16th Annual P.L.A.N.T. Seminar - Perennials & Design - A Perfect Combination Perennial Plant Assn. and OSU Extension
  28 Growing Herbs OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
February 1, 8, 15, 22 Beginning Beekeepers Classes Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Association
  4 2012 Systainability Symposium: Eat Your Yard Cleveland Botanical Garden
  11 Developing Gardening Programs for Youth OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
  18 Pruning Mature Fruit Trees OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
  18 12th Annual Beech Creek Garden Symposium Beech Creek Bot. Grdn, & Nat. Pres.
March 1 13th Annual Central Ohio Perennial Flower School OSU Extension - Clark Cty.
  3, 10 2012 Saturday Gardening Series, Parts 1 and 2 Summit MG
  8, 15, 22, 29 The Horticulture Academy OSU Extension
  10 Home Gardenrs Workshop Lake MG
  10 Spring into Gardening.... Easy Plants for Tricky Spaces Medina MG
  17 “Persuading Perennials…to Delight Us for All Four Seasons” Huron MG
  17 "Art of Gardening" Seminar Allen MG
  24 Planting Young Fruit Trees OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
  30 Fruit, Vegetable Safety Program OSU Extension - Geauga Cty.
  31 March In and Prune Out OSU Extension - Geauga Cty.
April 12 - 14 Gardening Study School
Course II Series VI
Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.
  14 Tool Expo & Agribility OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
  14 Spring into Gardening Fair! Putnam MG
  18 OSU 2012 Beekeeping Webinars: Hive Health Diagnostics OSU Honey Bee Lab
  19 Urban Farming Policy 101 OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
  20 Garden Design Symposium OSU Extension - Montgomery Cty.
  21 Landscape Design Seminar Sandusky/Ottawa MG
June 10 Zoo Poo Field Trip OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
  13 Secrest Arboretum: Summer Pruning Workshop Secrest Arboretum
  21 Organic Pest Control OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
July 13 Diagnostic Update for MGVs OSU Extension - Wood Cty.
  23 Secrest Arboretum Tour: Three Amigos OSU Extension - Lucas Cty.
August 4 Gateway Garden Jubilee Clark MG
  6 Diagnostic Update for MGVs OSU Extension - Geauga Cty.
  7 Northern Ohio Vegetable Crops Field Night OARDC - Fremont
  7 Disease Prevention OSU Extension - Cuyahoga Cty.
  15 OSU 2012 Beekeeping Webinars: Questions from the Hive OSU Honey Bee Lab
  31 Diagnostic Update for Master Gardener Volunteers Franklin MG
September 7 Plant Diagnostic Workshop Secrest Arboretum
  15 Ohio Sustainable Landscape Symposium Licking MG
  20 Schnormeier Gardens Tour Lake MG
  27 Secrest Arboretum: Guided Autumn Walk Secrest Arboretum
  28-30 2012 State Master Gardener Conference OSUE MG/Trumbull MG
  29 Botanica 2012: Ideas & Innovation Stark MG
October 20 Pesky Plants Summit MG
  24 Plant Diagnostic Workshop OSU Extension
  26 Chateau Hough: After the Harvest The Vineyards of Chateau Hough
November 1 Intro to PowerPoint Summit MG
  27-28 Ohio Land Bank Conference: Second Convening of Ohio County Land Banks Thriving Comm. Inst. - Western Reserve Land Conservancy
December 6 Public Speaking Summit MG


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