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Master Gardener Time Logs and Continuing Education Forms
- Time logs are provided for convenience for MGs who prefer to log their hours before entering their hours on the MGV Management System. Forms are provided below in three formats:
■ .pdf format for printing and fillilng out by hand.
■ .rtf format for filling out using a word processor. -You may save the form between entries.
■ .pdf fillable format for filling out using Adobe Reader - You may save the form between entries.

Time Reporting - Master Gardener reporting of volunteer hours and continuing education hours is to be reported by each Master Gardener directly into an online internet Master Gardener Volunteer Management System called Hands on Connect (HoC) . Please note that badge and travel time are no longer includable in reportable hours. Time logs for temporarily recording information until the MG makes a computer submission are posted below. Project listings (Click here for Project Categorization guidelines) must be used to record volunteer hours in order to coordinate with new state-wide tracking categories. If time is not reported, the hours will not be counted toward annual requirements. Provisions have been made for Master Gardeners without internet access.

Instructions for using HoC :
1) To get started, go to: – OR – type the web address in your browser address bar at the top of the webpage or copy and paste it into the address bar. (**TIP** Bookmark this page now, so you may return to it every time you log into the new system.) Click on the red "LOG IN" box near the top right corner. Enter your latest email adress and password used for the system, and click "LOG IN."
If you have not yet created an account on the HoC
, in the gray bar near the top, in the "Potential Volunteers" menu, click on "Create an Account," and follow the linked instructions for "Creating an Account in HoC ."
If you already have an HoC account
, in the gray bar near the top, in the "Current Volunteers" menu, click on "Volunter Home," and proceed to the next steps.
2) Enter any projects in which you participate but did not previously list in the system. Follow the linked "How to connect to volunteer projects in HoC" instructions.
3) Enter your volunteer and continuing education hours following the "How to log hours in HoC" instructions

Continuing Education Reporting
- Continuing education hours earned at Master Gardener-approved events must be included on time logs and entered into the online reporting system. Continuing education credit may also be obtained by other means, but a form (see below) must be submitted in addtion to the online reporting. Forms are provided for use in obtaining credit by other means: 1) reading a book and writing a book review, 2) visiting a garden and writing about what was seen and learned, and 3) attending a non-Master Gardener program and writing about it. The form itself need not be completely filled out if the information requested in the form is included on a report provided as an attachment to the form. Click here for Instructions for non-MG-sponsored Continuing Education credits. Completed forms may be emailed to:

Volunteer Hour and Continuing Education Forms
Select desired format and form for download (see instructions above for emailing completed forms):

Time Log
Book Review
Continuing Education Form
Garden Visit
Continuing Education Form
Non-MG Activity
Continuing Education Form
fillable .pdf

OSUE Child Abuse Reporting Confirmation - This form is to be signed and returned to the Extension office to confirm receipt of the OSUE Abuse Recognition and Reporting Protocol sheet. Click for .doc or .pdf format.

Plant Labels for Plants in the Park and Plant Exchanges - Plant labels are required by Ohio law for plant sales. The labels must be in accordance with the “International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants” with the complete correct botanical or approved common name as recognized by the latest edition of:(a) “Wyman’s Gardening Encyclopedia”; (b) Bailey’s “Hortus III”; or (c) Other authoritative works and checklists. The labels must not contain any incorrect or misleading information about such nursery stock. Each plant must by labeled as a collected plant if it is such. The plant must not be infested by, or infected with, a plant pest or is not otherwise sound and healthy; have been stored or displayed under conditions which will maintain its vigor; be dead or seriously weakened by drying or by excessive heat or cold; have been mechanically or otherwise treated to the extent of concealing its true condition: or for any other cause be in such condition that it will not grow satisfactorily when given reasonable care. Sale of color mixtures within types or species of flowering bulbs or herbaceous plants when sold as such is permitted. No person shall disseminate any false or misleading claim or advertisement concerning the vigor, vitality, rate of growth, yield capability, color of flower or foliage, or other growth or performance characteristic of any nursery stock, or make any claim that cannot be substantiated by a state or federal agricultural experiment station. (§ 927.67, Ohio Revised Code)

Click for plant label instructions
Click for label templates in .doc format; in .pdf format, in fillable .pdf format (fill in each blank individually), and in repeat fillable .pdf format (fill-in in one blank repeats for the whole page).
Labels for 2021 Plants in the Park: in .docx format

Photo Release Forms - Photo release forms may be required for photographs and videos. See policy of the forms below:
Photo Release Form - Adults - click here
Photo Release Form - Minors - click here

Purchases and Reimbursement
As a tax-exempt charitable organization, Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County Inc. is entitled to purchase items without paying sales tax. Vendors with whom MGCC does not have an account require a completed Sales and Use Tax Blanket Exemption Certificate. Authorization is required in advance of the purchase from the pertinent Committee Chair, and the Treasurer, if necessary,. If the Treasurer does not issue a check for payment in advance, pay for the item by credit card or cash, and request reimbursement using the Reimbursement form with the receipt for the item.
Sales and Use Tax Blanket Exemption Certificate - request form from your Committee Chair.
Reimbursement Form - pdf format
, Word format, Rich text format (.rtf)


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