Under Construction - Preliminary

Please create plant labels for plants offered for plant sales or the plant exchange.

Start with a Label Work Sheet (Click on green.) The Label Work Sheet is a table into which plant label text may be typed or pasted. Download the Sheet to your computer and open it as a Word document. Basic plant information headings are provided for one label. This may be used as a template and copy/pasted for individually filling-in for numerous plants, it may be completed and copy/pasted for as many of the same plant as you need labels, or it may be pasted over for reference labels or labels from a different source. To add rows, you may put your cursor in a blank cell and right click, then put your cursor over "Insert" and left click to insert a row above or below. You may also add a row by moving your cursor to the intersection of the table's left edge and a horizontal cell divider line, and left clicking on the plus (+) sign that appears in a small circle, which will add a row above.

When using the headings, delete and replace "[Name]" with the actual name of the plant. Common names and species, as well as varieties and cultivars, should be provided, if known. When only a genus or species is known, an abbreviation such as "sp." should be used, e.g., Hosta sp.

Reference Labels are provided for numerous plants. Numerous labels for species within a genus may be listed. If your plant's information has been submitted, you may copy and paste the information onto your Label Work Sheet for as many copies as you need to print. You may submit labels for additional plants to be added to the file by emailing them to

Available Reference Labels (Click on green to download Word document):