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This page is designed to address basic questions and procedures, particularly those regarding fulfilling the requirements for post-training Master Gardener Volunteer certification and recertification each year. In many cases, links will be provided to direct the reader to pages with more thorough discussions or more complete information on the specific aspect.

Basic Program Documents

Certification and Recertification Requirements
Earning Volunteer Hours

Earning Continuing Education Hours
Social and Appreciation/Recognition Events
Using the Master Gardener Volunteer Management System (MGVMS)
Using our Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County Website
Using the State MG Website and Facebook

Basic Program Documents


  • The official MG roster is on the MGV Management System.
  • Please keep your own information current by using Edit Profile and saving changes.
  • To access the roster, log into the MGVMS, then click "Member Roster" in the "General Information" menu at the bottom of the left column.


  • Calendar of Events for Master Gardeners - This calendar contains a listing of MGCC events for MGs, including social events, Continuing Education programs sponsored by MGCC, scheduled Advisory Committee and other committee meetings, and other MGCC activities. If a listing is desired, please be sure to advise the MG Volunteer Program Coordinator that a listing is requested.
  • Master Gardener Continuing Education - This comprehensive web page contains calendars for future Continuing Education programs for both MGCC-sponsored CE programs and CE programs with other sponsorship. (MGCC-sponsored and other programs are on separate calendars for the convenience of MGs who prefer MGCC programs, instead of sorting through what is sometimes (usually in the spring) a very long list.) Also see CE section below for information on qualifying programs, and for independent and online credit.
  • Public Calendar - Although this calendar is primarily a listing and calendar of events for the public, it is also useful as a listing of where MGs will have activities and booths, which may identify volunteer opportunities or events/activities to attend.

Certification and Recertification Requirements

  • Volunteer Hours - Annual reqirement
    Intern Requirement - 50 hours minimum for initial certification
    Later Years - 25 hours minimum
  • Continuing Education Hours- Annual requirement
    Intern Requirement - None for Intern year, but may still attend CE programs.
    Later Years - 10 hours minimum.
  • OSUE Master Gardener Volunteer Policy Affirmations and Compliance:l
    MGV Standards of Behavior and Title Use Agreement - Annual
    MGV Pest Management Information Policy - Annual
    OSUE Abuse Recognition and Reporting Protocol - Annual
    Photo Release Forms - As required
  • Background Checks - Background check information will be provided when required. Note: Volunteers are required to self-disclose post-employment criminal convictions within three business days of the conviction. Contact the ANR educator regarding to whom disclosure is to be provided.
  • Inactive Status - May be requested for up to three years by MGs in good standing, but Continuing Education for inactive period must be earned before reinstatement as Active.
  • Emeritus Status - MGs in good standing who have made a significant contribution to the organization may request Emeritus status when they are precluded from fulfilling annual recertification requirements due to age, health or family issues.

Earning Volunteer Hours

  • Volunteer and Continuing Education hours must be reported by December 15 each year using the MGV Management System. Early each year, generally plan your intended activities so you do not face a last minute crunch near the year's end.
  • Volunteer hours are earned for actual volunteer time, including for administrative MG work.
  • Volunteer hours are earned for travel time to and from away-from-home volunteer activity. Combine the travel time into your reported volunteer hours. Effective starting for 2018: Travel time is to be reported under a separate category, and at least 16 volunteer hours each year must be non-travel volunteer time.
  • Bonus Bucks for free registration for most regularly-priced Cuyahoga County MG Continuing Education programs are earned for each full increment of 50 reported volunteer hours in a year. Interns do not receive Bonus Bucks for the first 50 hours required for initial certification--Bonus Bucks are granted to Interns for each increment of 50 hours beyond the certification requirement.
  • Volunteer hours may be earned for working at Continuing Education programs, but the same hours may not be claimed for CE hours.
  • Volunteer opportunities may be found in "News You Can Use" or "Trumpet Vine" newsletter items seeking volunteers, or by contacting committee members listed on our MGCC website on the Volunter Center page under "Programs, Events and Committees." Do not hesitate to contact MGs already working on projects or committees in which you are interested.
  • Contact MGV Program Coordinator [presently vacant] and/or ANR Educator Maggie Fitzpatrick if you are looking for opportunities.

Earning Continuing Education Hours

  • Volunteer and Continuing Education hours must be reported by December 15 each year using the MGV Management System. Early each year, generally plan your intended activities so you do not face a last minute crunch near the year's end.
  • The Continuing Education page of our MGCC website is a primary source of CE opportunities and information. It contains information for earning independent and online CE credits, and calendars listing programs locally and in other parts of the state. See "MG Continuing Education" under "Calendars," above. The page also has archival CE program calendars, for both MGCC and other-sponsored CE, which may provide ideas for planning future CE programs.
  • Abuse training is required as CE each year through an approved course. Information on courses will be announced.
  • CE opportunities are also listed in "News You Can Use" and "Trumpet Vine" newsletters, and on the State MG Website and MGV Management System. CE credit is given for programs by MGCC, other county MGs and OSU county Extension branches.
  • CE credit is also available for non-MG-sponsored programs (see info sheet):
    Non-MG Programs - Write a report for programs non-MG-sponsored programs. Click for report form.
    Garden Tours - Write a report for garden tours. Two hours credit for guided tours, one hour for self-guided tours. Click for report form.
    Book Reports - Write a book review for two hours CE credit. Click for report form.
  • If you are researching for a Speakers Bureau or to present for some other program, you may report up to five hours research time for CE credit. Research time beyond the reported hours may be claimed as volunteer hours. The same time may not be reported for both volunteer and CE hours.
  • CE hours may be earned for working at Continuing Education programs, but the same hours may not be claimed as volunteer hours.
  • Travel time may not be claimed for CE programs as either volunteer or CE hours.
  • Contact MGV Program Coordinator Tammy Currier and/or ANR Educator Maggie Fitzpatrick if you are looking for opportunities or have questions regarding allowed hours for specific programs.

Social and Appreciation/Recognition Events

  • Plant Exchanges - Spring and Fall Plant Exchanges are held for MGs to exchange plants, socialize and participate in a pot-luck luncheon, usually with a one hour credit Continuing Education program.
  • Tours - Master Gardeners organize bus, overnight tours to visit gardens. These tours are generally open to the public.
  • Appreciation/Recognition Events - Events are held to express appreciation and recognition for the efforts of Master Gardeners, and for the introduction of new class members becoming Active.


  • MGCC regularly publishes two Publications:

    1. Trumpet Vine - A bimonthly publication containing information of interest to MGs, generally including Advisory Committee meeting summaries, information from the ANR Educator and articles of horticultural or MG interest. Click here for the latest issue. Past issues are found in the website Archives, see below. Past TV horticulture articles are indexed through the Gardening Information page.
    2. "News You Can Use" - A regularly published newsletter containing timely information, volunteer and Continuing Education opportunities, and social event and other information. Click here for recent issues on the MG News page.


  • MG Resources - Contains aids for preparing PowerPoint presentations, using our laptop/digital projectors and the Accelerated Propagation System at Ben Franklin SchoolThe MG Library, as well as information on using the MG Library and and on vendor promotions which rebate a portion of sales to our program.
  • MG Apparel and Gear - MG-branded apparel gear is available.
  • Forms - Various forms are available for use.
  • Archives - Various documents related to administration of our MG program are in the password-protected Archives. The ID and password are made available to MGs. Minutes of the Advisory Committee and historic issues of the "Trumpet Vine" newsletter are included.

Using the Master Gardener Volunteer Management System (MGVMS)

  • - The MGVMS is a state-wide system purchased for use by OSUE for Master Gardener Volunteers. The MGVMS was adapted for our use by University of California-Davis, the programs creator.
  • Click for detailed instructions for setting up and using the MGVMS
  • An online video tutorial is available, but is somewhat dated, e.g., badge time may no longer be claimed. Click here. Be sure to apply current requirements.
  • Do not confuse the MGVMS with our MGCC website:
  • The MGVMS is used for reporting hours, recertification affirmations of policy, maintaining our official roster, mass emails among our county's MGs, volunteering for some so designated volunteer opportunities appearing on the calendar, and registering for some designated no-fee programs. The home page has some useful links, including for CE programs.
  • The MGVMS must be used for reporting volunteer and Continuing Education hours each year. The reporting deadline is December 15.
  • Volunteer hours must be reported by project. Click for Project Categorization Guidelines. For an example, click here.
  • Mileage may be reported for volunteer hours, not for CE hours. Reporting mileage is for MGs' personal or tax records, and is optional.
  • Include door-to-door travel time into your reported volunteer time. See Earning Volunteer Hours, above.
  • Volunteer hours for numerous days may be combined for each project. Report the combined hours for each project as if on a single day (usually the last day worked on that project), and list the dates worked in the description.
  • All Continuing Education hours are reported under a single code. Report each program separately. See Earning Continuing Education Hours, above.

Using our Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County Website

  • This page is on the Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County website:
  • This website is for both the public and Master Gardeners. The "Master Gardeners Only" section is primarily for Master Gardeners, containing essential program information, but may be of interest to potential members.
  • A Site Map link is in the top bar on each page.
  • A box for a Google seach of the site is in the top bar on each page.

Using the State MG Website and Facebook

  • - The state-level website for the OSUE Master Gardener Volunteer Program.
  • The site has statewide MG news, including monthly calendars of MG events, a guide to county MG programs, news on MG projects, web links and a program overview.
  • - The OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers' Facebook page.


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